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At Epic Stars Entertainment, we specialize in music production.

Our founder, David Cochrane, has years of experience in the music industry.

He has worked with a variety of artists on many different levels, from writing and producing tracks to mentoring and developing talent. His passion for music and commitment to his clients are what make Epic Stars Entertainment stand out.


We strive to provide quality music with a focus on creativity and innovation. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, we have the expertise and resources to bring your project to life.

David's Story

DAVID COCHRANE, DAVE COCHRANE, DAVE C, the David Cochrane eXperience, "theDCX":

All are names given, chosen, or otherwise known and apply to the  MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST, ARRANGER/PRODUCER, and SINGER/SONGWRITER: DAVID "theDCX" COCHRANE.


David Cochrane has recorded and traveled worldwide, professionally in the music business since the young age of 17.

His web presence as a Recording Artist and Producer and associated works are continuously being updated and can be found through links on:,,


While still in high school, David began touring with the Commodores for six years, playing sax, piano, bass, guitar and even singing lead, filling in for Lionel Richie at large arenas during two major concerts.


David continued his career writing hit songs with Lionel Richie, “Can’t Slow Down,” “Round & Round,” & “Tell Me.”


Then he branched off to produce, and/or write & perform on songs for Atlantic Starr, Paula Abdul, Debbie Allen, The Dramatics, Rick James, Atlantic Starr, James Carmichael, Norman Whitfield, Jessie Johnson, LL Cool J, Randy Jackson, Evelyn King, Janice-Marie Johnson (A Taste Of Honey), Rod Hanna (Brazil), Kirsten Haglund (Miss America 2008) and The list goes on...


DAVID COCHRANE is co-owner & CEO partner of Epic Stars Entertainment & KD Cosmic Songs. As of August 2023, David started a new Music Company “Epic Stars Entertainment” with his partner Kathleen Lantos-Cochrane. He is working with “up-and-comings,” developing artists and producing exciting new music.


David will also be releasing his much-anticipated “DCX” Jazz singles and a couple of vocal-favored CDs with an exciting blend of Pop, Rock, and Soul, entitled “Love Hopes & Dreams, & “Royal Fascination.”


When one says “MUSIC,” David says “Life.

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